Customer stories (video)

I’ve coordinated the creation of many customer video stories, from concept to post-production. Check out a few highlights here.

Video stories play a significant role in Ultimaker’s marketing strategy. Many users, businesses or educators didn’t know what to use 3D printing for, so these videos exist to inspire and educate people on the different use cases. These videos are a big source of content and are used in many different ways: full video on YouTube, a blog post on, special video edits for social media, short clips and GIFs, business cases, pictures for and social media, and much more.

Luke’s 3D printed e-NABLE prosthetic hand

Luke was born with no fingers on his left hand, so the e-NABLE organization provided him with a 3D printed prosthetic hand. This video was shot by a Dutch video crew, in two different locations in the US. Full blog post

Jonathan Brand’s 3D printed motorcycle

Jonathan Brand is an artist from New York who created a life-size 3D printed 1972 Honda CB500 motorcycle. As he was based in NY I found a local videographer who was able to shoot and edit the video according to our (then active) brand guide. I’m very proud of the results of this video, as it currently has 285k+ YouTube views.

World’s fastest 3D printed RC car

James Beswick has a thing for radio-controlled cars – especially high-speed drag racing. Normal Lexan body shells were no longer doing it for him – he needed something stronger, so he started with 3D printing. This is my second most popular video on YouTube, with 250k+ views. Full blog post

3D printing classes in New York

3DPrinterOS holds their 3D printing classes throughout New York. For this video I found a new videographer, who is currently the resident NY videographer for Ultimaker, filming stories and events there. Full blog post

Improving doctor-patient communication at Radboud UMC Hospital

Doctors at the Radboud UMC hospital combine data from MRI and CT scans with Ultimaker 3D printers to create 3D printed versions of brain tumors. These prints make it easier for patients to visualize and understand their diagnoses, helping them make the right choice in treatment. Full blog post

STEM education using 3D printed bottle rockets

At elementary school De Singelier, children learn about STEM using 3D printed bottle rockets. Full blog post

Architectural model making

MATT Architecture creates complex architectural models in central London. They use 3D printing to quickly generate models of their designs, so that multiple iterations can be made rapidly and cost-effectively. Full blog post

Creating designer shoe prototypes

Fashion designer Julian Hakes uses 3D printing to create prototypes of his famous Mojito Shoes. The shots in London were made by a Dutch video crew and the shots in Hong Kong were made by a local videographer. Full blog post

YuMi robot finger prototypes

The YuMi collaborative industrial robot, developed by ABB Robotics, uses task-specific fingers to manipulate objects. By using an Ultimaker 2+ to prototype their finger designs for new customers, they sped up the development process from weeks to just a few days. This video plays a key role in reaching out to professional target groups. Full blog post

3D printed eye care kit to prevent blindness

Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong has created a $50 3D printed examination kit that can perform the same diagnoses as expensive hospital machines. This video was shot in New Zealand which resulted in very nice b-roll. Full blog post

Urban planning with 3D printing

Sweco, an engineering consultancy firm in Stockholm, uses 3D printing for urban planning. One of their latest projects in Sri Lanka contains over 90k apartments and 200k office spaces. Full blog post


These customer video stories are always uploaded to YouTube. YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google, so it makes sense to upload videos there. Also, when you use these videos on a webpage with extra content, the SEO value of that page goes up thanks to the addition of an embedded YouTube video. Every important detail is added to a YouTube upload, like an optimized title, thumbnail, keywords, written subtitles (for YouTube SEO and accessibility), endslates, and more.

Social media edits

For an optimized user experience for each social media platform I had special social media edits made. For example, 1080×1080 square videos of 60 seconds maximum for Instagram.