CMSable content pages focuses heavily on content. This portfolio entry will focus on three important CMSable content pages, that are easy to manage by web admins. These content pages each offer something unique to Ultimaker’s marketing funnel.

As a product owner I:

  • Worked together with stakeholders to discuss and gather ideas
  • Developed the UX concept for these pages
  • Worked with a designer
  • Coordinated development with our developers
  • Coordinated testing with an external testing agency

Customer stories

Customer stories play a huge role in Ultimaker’s marketing strategy. Many users, businesses or educators didn’t know what to use 3D printing for, so these stories exist to inspire and educate people. The stories are categorized by different use cases, like architecture, automotive, medicine, universities, etc. They are often accompanied by videos.

Customer stories – detail page

Business cases

Business cases go a little further than stories, with more of a data-driven approach. The business cases are meant to target potential customers that are further down the marketing funnel, who are almost ready to buy. These business cases share facts, which justify the cost of purchase to a business and show the true value.

Business cases – detail page


We’ve learned that resources are not only excellent traffic generators, but they’re also a great after-sales tool. They’re also great to take away any doubts before purchase. The fact that such extensive knowledge is widely available gives a potential customer ease of mind.

Resources – detail page

Hit the button below to see some content I created that ended up on the Ultimaker stories page.

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