Ultimaker app release

Learn more about the latest Ultimaker app version here, which I coordinated the rebranding process for.

I coordinate the Ultimaker app development, which includes the strategic concept, the design process, development and frequent updates. The free Ultimaker app is a great companion app for Ultimaker users. It guides you step-by-step through the setup process, it has useful tips and tricks, troubleshooting articles, manuals and user stories. It also allows a user to get in touch with a local support partner easily. It pulls data from Ultimaker.com with an API.

As a product owner I made sure the features were clear, in agreement with relevant stakeholders. With the feature list on the table, I worked together with a designer in getting the design done. Developments started after finishing the design and getting it approved with the stakeholders. I made sure the developments ran smooth, that the app was tested and that the App Store content was ready for release.

Ultimaker app

Ultimaker app old version

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