Extrusion upgrade kit launch

The Extrusion upgrade kit was released in April of 2016, just a few months after the Ultimaker 2+ product launch. It turns an Ultimaker 2 into an Ultimaker 2+, and it even comes with a tiny ‘+’ sticker! ✌🏻

The kit is a big deal, as Ultimaker always delivered on as much backward compatibility as possible (Ultimaker Original to Ultimaker Original+ as well). We decided to do a nice product launch for it.

This portfolio entry gives some product launch highlights. For this product launch I:

  • Developed the marketing campaign
  • Coordinated content productions (video, photography, copy)
  • Collaborated with a designer on the product page and coordinated development as product owner
  • Made sure all other assets were ready on Ultimaker.com (added to CMS, to press room, blog post, homepage, etc.)
  • Coordinated the marketing launch, making sure everything was shared correctly and timely

Product launch blog post

The blog post gives a nice overview of the newly released product. It has:

  • Quotes from CTO and co-founder Siert Wijnia
  • Feature list (the main USP’s of the Ultimaker 2+, the product you’re getting after upgrade your Ultimaker 2)
  • Philosophy behind the product
  • Images and product videos
  • CTA to the product page

Product page

The product page consists mostly out of standard template elements Ultimaker.com already had, from for example the Ultimaker 2+ product page. A unique part is the what’s in the kit element.

Installation guide

The installation guide helps users step-by-step. It’s supported by both photography and short videoclips.

Videos and photography

To produce content to support the launch we held a one-day shoot for video and photography. We did both in one location, saving money and time and to get a consistent look and feel across different content types.

Launch video

The launch video quickly shows what’s included and what it does (upgrade your Ultimaker 2 to an Ultimaker 2+).

Installation video

The installation video is about six minutes, features a voice-over and is easy to follow. Most people prefer a video over a written installation guide. The written guide is necessary for compliance reasons, so the video is there as added value. An installation video also helps in the pre-sale process. Potential customers can see what they get upon purchase. They also learn how easy it is to install, taking away any doubts they might have on the installation difficulty.

Social media

The social media efforts for this launch focused on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Of course we also posted to LinkedIn and Google+, but those were only copies of the initial launch post from Facebook. People responded very well to our social media efforts, leaving positive comments confirming the fact they like the backwards compatibility and the need for the product. Social impressions were high and social traffic to Ultimaker.com too.


For Instagram we created native content. The launch video video was cut down to 30 seconds and edited in a square 1080x1080px. After the launch video we followed up with more native images, either portrait or square. A post to show the (professional looking) box content, which takes away most doubts people have in regards to quality and paying a premium price. Another post that’s a bit more fun, sharing the fact that we included a ‘+’ sticker 😄


On Facebook we shared a custom launch video too, in 1080p landscape orientation. We made it shorter than the YouTube version, for better engagement with the video on Facebook. The video got 125k+ views with some help of advertising the video to the right target groups. Amongst other launch posts we shared a post that has a CTA to purchase, with information that it’s for sale at all of our global resellers. This also branded our global reseller network, instead of implying that Ultimaker sells through its own webshop.


On Twitter we shared a custom launch video too, in 1080p landscape orientation, that’s shorter than 60 seconds (platform limitation). After the launch video we did a so-called Twitter convo, approximately 10 tweets one after the other. Every tweet had a little bit of product info. People basically learned all about the product in a few tweets, instead of browsing the product page.


Community contest to win a kit

To engage with our community members we held a contest to win an extrusion upgrade kit. Users had to create a 3D printed upgrade to their printers. The best or most awesome upgrade won the actual extrusion upgrade kit.

Product launch post

To support the product launch, we created a forum post detailing the product.


To support the launch of the extrusion upgrade kit, we organized a local event and attended SXSW 2016. At our local event people could bring their extrusion upgrade kits and their printers to assemble it along with our live demo. This is a great way to engage with your audience in real life, to potentially turn them into ambassadors. At SXSW we had a booth with our products on display, where people could see the extrusion upgrade for the first time publicly.


Thanks to our PR efforts the news of our product launch ended up on several respected media websites.
For example 3D Printing Industry and 3Ders.org
Also to support the launch, we decided to give away a number of kits to popular YouTube personalities who already had an Ultimaker 2 (which they did or did not get from us initially).

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